NorrSound Tenors

“Spine-tingling high notes” hit the spot.


“I think you should put together a tenor trio for our concert” he said.  I thought, sure why not.  Great idea.  He’s paying well.  Four arrangements later and I’d handed them over to an orchestrator.  At our first rehearsal with orchestra I was floored.  Are those MY chicken scratches?  They’d been edified and glorified into a symphonic masterpiece.  Thousands of people heard us that weekend.  When we greeted them afterwards, it was apparent that we were meeting some need that they had.  We’d scratched an itch that they didn’t know could be scratched.

A month later we got asked to continue the tradition and “A Three Tenors Christmas” was born. 2018 will be our 4th year at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres.  Their Fireside theatre offers the perfect balance of intimacy and versatility.


This past year, in the hubbub of the holiday season people still flocked to come hear our renditions of Nessun Dorma, Sleigh Ride, and O Holy Night.  We couldn’t believe the outpouring of support from attendees: “You’re a part of our Christmas tradition”, and “You WILL be back, right?”

It’s a little early to think about Christmas, but yes, we will be back.  On December 20, 21, and matinee on the 22nd the NorrSound tenors will return to the Chan stage.  Tickets will go on sale late spring.

Stay tuned for our regional tour information!