PREORDER – “Returning” – SongNotes PRINTED Packet – (September 2020)


CD and Printed collection of writings by the performers.

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As the crisp air ushers in a new season, we are taking this month to present SongNotes in a different way than we have ever done before. We’re handing over the pen and the microphone to some other talented folks who will share their recordings and writings. 

September’s theme is RETURNING,  and our four guests each will bring a unique song and writing to highlight how “returning” stirs in their souls.

Sherdonna Denholm, church musician and songwriter in St. Louis, presents an original song to encourage the return to hope. (Read and listen: Returning to Hope, with Sherdonna Denholm)

Hannah Bakke, actor and singer-songwriter in Minneapolis, will offer an original ballad setting of a poem by a relative of long ago focused on the return to a familiar place throughout the seasons of life.

Joe Danielson, folk musician in Minneapolis (but native Wisconsinite ;-), will sing a tender and beloved film song that will have you returning to memories of your past and who you

Ami Andersen, a hymn writer and church musician in Minneapolis, will get you returning to wistful nostalgia with her recording of another familiar old movie favorite.

***Note that this product will be shipped on or shortly after September 22, 2020***

What is it?

Our SongNotes from the Birds printed packets consist of

  • A CD with the featured songs for the month (August= 4)
    • Songs can also be streamed online
  • An 8 1/2 x11 inch printed compilation of the articles that accompany the featured songs
    • Medium-large font, in full color

–    WHY BUY?    –


When you are looking for a way to share new music and writings with low-tech seniors, or others who choose to not enter the online social space, our SongNotes from the Birds packets are a special option.


Our music and writings are chosen and created to reflect the values and interests of the, well, more experienced generations that are special to us.  We personally love the sacred and classic music that populate our collections, and we find that the recipients appreciate seeing that their own familiar songs are not being forgotten.  In the busyness of what the global online world has to offer, the gifting of a SongNotes packet is one way to show that we remember and honor the lives that have been living much longer than our own, and to say, “I see you.  I love you. I want to include you.”

And – during this COVID quarantine time, it’s harder than ever to stay physically connected with those in senior living or skilled nursing facilities.  This gift is like a virtual concert experience to share even long-distance.


(This doesn’t have to only be a gift 🙂

You don’t love staring at the screen or connecting to devices? With the printed pack you can pretend you’re at a concert holding a program, or you can relax on your own couch for your own private living room musicale. You could even host a small listening party or use the packet and CD as a conversation starter with those in need of a pick-me-up.

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