Soul Food

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Souls need sustenance.
Music helps. (listen here)

My desire is to use my voice to provide the mental and emotional space for soul change to be nurtured.

Being stuck hurts so bad. But there is always hope for good change.
Change of thoughts. Change of words.  Change of choices.
Change of life.

Each week my wife Naomi and I share a song we have recorded together, along with some words about why we love it and how we hope it moves you.

The music that we make is beautiful and shares a message:
learn yourself, learn others, and relearn how to love.

  • What if something in how you think or talk or love needs to change – because it isn’t actually built on what is true?
  • What do you do when you start to see the other side of a story, and it requires that you reframe an ideology you have held for all of your life?
  • What do you do when you are ruining your own chances of doing well because you’re so critical of yourself that you cripple your progress?

It is these questions that our music and our words explore. Join us?

Whether through original songs or songs written by others, we hope that what we present and how we share it will give space and a moment of thoughtfulness and feelingfulness to someone listening.  Beyond that, we want to offer support and motivation to take these new thoughts and feelings and act on them.

We believe that as we become aware of our feelings, we can change our perceptions, change our relationships, and change our lives for good.

Our goal is to sing people toward change and wholeness.

Change is super hard. Embarrassing. Humiliating. Sometimes downright scary. Through our songs and stories that we share we seek to validate that experience and empower you to do it anyway.

Consider fostering this soul health with us.