Study Voice with Nathan

Here’s what students are saying about studying voice with Nathan:

“We connected immediately”

“[Nathan Bird was my] favorite vocal teacher…ever”

“[Nathan Bird] is a sincere and incredible person”

“[through lessons with Nathan Bird] I landed multiple solos and major roles”

“[Nathan Bird] gave me the confidence and tools to reach further than I ever would have imagined…[getting me] accepted into the #1 contemporary music school in the nation.


Here’s what parents are saying about voice lessons with Nathan Bird.

“You made such an impact on [my child]”

“We still talk about what a great role model and mentor you were and are for him.”

Why study voice?

Here’s why you may decide to start voice lessons with me:

  • You have an audition coming up!
  • You want music in your life again, in a structured way
  • You want to get your voice back in shape
  • You’re excited for the choir season, and eyeing some solos!
  • You want to boost your confidence
  • You want to improve your stage presence
  • You need a promotion at work
  • You’re going to surprise your special someone with a song
  • You need to record that song that she loves

Nathan has experience teaching a wide variety of students. No matter what your experience level you can improve! Based on Nathan’s track record, you WILL improve.  mic.jpgALSO, voice lessons with Nathan aren’t just informative, and encouraging, they are FUN. IF you HATE fun, run away. If you want to dive into discovering how to use YOUR voice better, email Nathan here and I’ll be in touch with you directly.

I look forward to working with you!