5 things we’re loving this week

and you might too.

The Next Right Thing (both)

It’s a podcast. And a book. And soon will also be a guided journal. The brevity, Emily’s genuineness, and the theology bring a beautiful peace into our lives.

Classical Stretch (mostly Naomi)

Twin Cities Public Television has an amazing program on at 6AM every weekday. If I’d known about Miranda in college, my journey through fibromyalgia and tendonitis would have been drastically improved. I’m grateful for having it now, and absolutely love how it prepares my body for the day in a way that is gentle, smart, and effective.

Full Focus Planner (Nathan)

This tool by Michael Hyatt helps me to regularly reflect on the kind of person I want to be, celebrate where I currently am, and prepare myself to take clear steps towards what’s important.

Decaf Chai Tea (both, but mostly Naomi)

Hardly a day starts without this at my side. And in my cup, and under my nose. This time of year demands it. I brew it with a black tea in the morning and by itself when it’s too late for caffeine.

Sitting in the sun (both)

It has been nothing short of medicinal to sit in the warmth and practice turning off the busy thoughts, instead learning that 24 leaves fall in one minute.

Wishing joy and mercy towards you and the things you love this week.

~ the Birds