Some music and drink to help get you through.

Which team are you on: Coffee, or Tea?

We drink tea any time of the year, but of course the chilly weather of winter and fall is when warmth is most sought-after.

Choosing to feature this song now was something we arrived at because of trying to celebrate Nathan’s and my mutual love of tea. As such, it’s only fitting that this song uses tea as the axis around which a couple can celebrate their mutual love of one other.

Here’s our recording of the classic “Tea for Two,” including some accordion tones.

(funny note: when we were recording it, one of the boys came knocking on the door right about the time the lyrics were expressing the joy of anticipating children. 🙂

For our full 2019 blog post about this song in the context of October’s “Loose Leaves” theme, click here. It gives more about the history of the song as well as a bunch of related and interesting links.

To summarize: We all need something to get us through hard times, that something doesn’t have to be huge or complicated, and when it comes to beautifully meaningful experiences – a little bit can go a long way.

Here’s hoping that you can have moments this weekend to enjoy whatever it is will help you get through.

~ Naomi and Nathan Bird