No Three Tenors Christmas 2020

We know you’ve already experienced a lot of cancellations due to this pandemic.  Unfortunately, we’re adding another one to your list. 

It was a tough call to make. Chanhassen has been amazingly accommodating to all of its artists during this strange time of needing to creatively modify its offerings. 

Due to a variety of circumstances, we decided to cancel altogether in an effort to best care for the performers and their families. 

The theater is doing some great work with livestreaming and providing its amazing productions to an even wider audience now.  Be sure to check it out and consider watching events – from anywhere!

If you still need a slice of the tenors’ operatic holiday spirit this year, remember to pull out that CD you picked up at the concert last year.  Didn’t get one? Check here to see how you can.

So many people have had to make some really hard decisions this year. We feel your pain.

And also want to remind you to keep going, even if, for you, right now, that means to stop.

Blessings on the rest of your week!

~ the Birds