The Four-Year-Old Got Sad About Daddy’s Voice

Nathan and I were both away for a bit this morning.

Without prompting, the kids chose this  Christmas with Cantus CD from the stack of Christmas music.

When I got back I heard the little guy in the middle say, “I’m so sad that Daddy isn’t here so he can hear how good he sings.”

Bwahaha! (Look at me, not making any tenor jokes. I’m amazing!)

In all seriousness, while in college I may or may not have had a major crush on the men of Cantus. Little did I know I’d end up marrying a tenor who would later sing with them.

There he is on the far left.

While we don’t sell the Christmas with Cantus CD directly (go here for that), we do have A Three Tenors Christmas CD ready and waiting for you.

Click here to get it.

Nathan – and David and John – all sing really good in it. Promise.

*Side note: I was pregnant with that girl when Nathan recorded this with the group ten years ago!! What?!*