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July SongNotes | “Dinner Party”

August SongNotes | “State Fair”

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We love to do music together.

Nathan sings.  Naomi plays piano.

Each week we share songs we have recorded together, along with some words about why we love them and how we hope they move you.

Our style is of simple, sincere solos.  Some are sacred.  Some are secular.  Most are somehow both of those things.

Our spirit is one of sharing mostly traditional music – hymn arrangements, art songs, musical theater, and traditional pop standards – with a new layer of insights which bring depth and uncover beauty in the songs.

We also write articles to go along with our weekly songs.

Songs + Notes about them = SongNotes from the Birds

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Whether through original songs or songs written by others, we hope what we present and how we share it will give our readers and our listeners a moment of thoughtfulness and feelingfulness and refreshment.

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