PBS broadcast of Pinafore this Friday!

Don’t miss the PBS broadcast of Gilbert and Sullivan’s H. M. S. Pinafore this weekend.  This is the production that Nathan performed in this summer.


It will be on your local PBS station on Oct 14, 15, &/or 16th, 2011

To double-check which channel carries PBS, Go to www.pbs.org

  1. The current station on the top left of the web page mustindicate your local station.  If not, click on the down arrow and click on “Change your station”
  2. Enter your zip code, click on ‘select station’.  Click on your member station. (Sometimes theyask you to click on how your signal is received, i.e. cable, etc or, ‘Notsure’.)
  3. Click on ‘done’.
  4. In the top banner, click on TV schedule
  5. Click on Oct 14,2011. Depending on what time of day automatically appears, clickon ‘earlier’ or ‘later’ to move through the day.

In Minneapolis the show times are:

Fri. Oct 14 = 8 PM
Sat. Oct 15 = 2 AM
Sun. Oct 16 = 3:30 PM

Change date to Oct 15 or 16, 2011 to search show times forthose days in your area

Once you have discovered your show time, check out a littlepreview at:


(Thanks to Nathan’s dad, Phil, for these thorough instructions!)

One thought on “PBS broadcast of Pinafore this Friday!

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