Colorado Concert – by Mail!

What a week this has been! Since this is the first time we have done this sort of thing – doing our own concert series – we are learning quite a bit about ourselves and about the process.  Last week’s programs in Minnesota went well.  It has been so good to have the chance to figure out what to change and tweek and rearrange for each next concert.  It has also been extremely challenging figuring out how to balance work and family when it is so intertwined throughout this process.  Thank you thank you to the many people who have been helping with childcare to afford us rehearsal time!

December 14 at Cross of Glory in Hopkins

Fortunately, Nathan graciously decided against firing his accompanist despite her being out of commission due to recovering from compound stress of travelling + 3 year old + 9 month old. Things are looking up and Ms. Accompanist is looking forward to tonight’s concert…or so I’m told 🙂

We arrived safely in Colorado Springs on Saturday night and have been having a blast becoming acquainted with the 4 month old cousin/nephew. Last night AubreyElla helped the little guy exercise his giggling muscles, which are very similar to singing muscles, I’m sure, so, here’s Auba teaching a voice lesson…

Giggly Baby T

Tonight we are in Castle Rock, at Faith Lutheran Church.
Tomorrow at First Christian Church in Colorado Springs.
Both programs are at 7:00 PM and last around an hour.

If you do come, please be sure to autograph our guestbook and leave some contact info.  Even if you know we have your info already we would love to have a record of your attendance.

When you come see us and sign the guestbook we will give you a little gift.  It’s a gift to re-gift:  a postcard ornament.

Step 1:  Think of someone you care about, especially someone who you do not get to see this year. Fill out his/her name, and your name (and write your own note).

Our hope is that this program is a time for attendees to experience the peace and beauty of simplicity.  In that spirit, we hope that people are moved by the notion that sharing love can be very simple – even sharing some of the feelings of this concert can be simple.

Step 2:  Address. Stamp. Mail.

Step 3:  Recipient can make your postcard into an ornament!

It may not be the most beautify, fancy, or ornate decoration for their tree.  But does it have to be?  The thought and the time and the effort can meen more than any expensive gift. We are doing this concert because we care about you, and we hope that you feel moved to pass on that care to someone else.

We hope to see you tonight or tomorrow!