Good Vibrations – Another Group Lesson Experience

This week’s group lesson, 7-13-13 at 10:00 Colonial Church in Edina, will focus on phonation.  If you don’t understand that term, that’s ok.  Phonation is when your vocal folds, or vocal “chords” as you may know them, begin to vibrate and create sound.  Building off of last group lesson, we will discuss how breath and awareness of the phonation process can aid the overall activity of singing.  (If you were not able to come last time that’s fine) First we’ll dissect it into it’s fundamental components and then experience it as it relates to choral/ensemble singing.  There’ll be lots of phonating, some discussion and an opportunity to talk through what you’ve experienced.  Perhaps we’ll discuss the Beach Boys’ approach to phonation. 🙂

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This is a free group lesson experience, but any contribution is appreciated.