Battle Hymn of the Republic | Free Patriotic Song Recording


Independence Day!
4th of July!
America’s Birthday
Happy Red, White, and Blue Day!

Whatever you tend to call it, we hope you have a good one!

If you have the day off, may you be refreshed, cool, and as bug-free as possible.

If you are working, may you have some special moments of inspiration and energy.

If you’re going to see fireworks, may your Friday morning be kind to you.

If you’re hoping to go to sleep early, may your neighbors be graciously boring also.

If you personally had a role to play in preserving the freedoms that we enjoy in the USA – thank you! May you feel appreciated and blessed.

This song is a controversial one. This country is a controversial one. Regardless of which camp you fall in politically or with your faith, we hope that you can appreciate three key things as you listen to this song:

  1. America is an amazing place, with many yucky parts and many awesome parts. May we all deliberately honor the sacrifices of those on whose shoulders we stand each day.
  2. There is a bigger story than what we see. War is ugly; pain surrounds us; and hope for some seems very sparse. May we hold on to hope that our journeys are taking us through an ultimately beautiful story, and may we acknowledge the significance of small daily choices to respect our fellow man.
  3. This arrangement is so darned fun. May we all understand that.

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Music source: Ten Hymns and Gospel Songs for Solo Voice arranged by Mark Hayes, Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.


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~Nathan and Naomi

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