3 ways to give special gifts during quarantine

Birthday gifts or wedding presents have their place.
What do you do, though, when the most meaningful gift of presence is prohibited
The circumstances of this pandemic create a unique challenge to sharing our presence with those we love.
Unique. But not insurmountable.
Keep on with the phone calls, and zoom calls, and letters.  And also consider one of these three options the next time you know that someone close to you desperately needs a sense of comfort, hope, and remembrance.

Objects of Comfort

Just yesterday Jamie Lee Curtis launched an online store for sending special tangible gifts to people you miss. Myhandinyours.com

Gifts of Hope

For six years, Lindsey Wheeler of Bottle of Tears has curated beautiful vintage bottles to be sent to those experiencing grief.

Packages of Remembrance

Sending one of our SongNotes packets is a treat that says, I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU.
Social media is such a fun way to listen to music and read blogs, but for those who prefer computer-free living, how can they experience current recordings and articles that are only online?
Our recordings are new, our writings are fresh, and our audience loves that our young family cares to preserve the music of the past.
BUT much of our audience isn’t online at all.  Concerts and hymn sings and in-home soirees are delightful for us, but even when there isn’t a global pandemic, events are a limited way to connect and encourage our people.
I’m guessing you know some of these people too.
We have a limited number of July Packets all set to be delivered into the hands of one of your people. Click here to send it now.


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