Naomi offers Zoom group music lessons for 4-7 year-olds.

{below are all the notes from the “google doc” referenced in video} AND – a Saturday session has been added!

How are you helping your kids learn about music?

Since music isn’t a solid part of school curriculum anymore, and in-person lessons and classes aren’t exactly an option, what can we do to help implement the life-long benefits of musical understanding for our kids – starting even now?

(And let’s face it, we need some fun diversions and zoom sessions that don’t include roll call.)

We don’t have to wait for ‘normal’ in order to do music lessons. I’m game for figuring out a way to create an experience for kids to learn some music skills even now.  No, it’s not what we picture as ‘ideal,’ – but neither is doing nothing.

Music over Zoom?

I recently “caved” and began teaching piano lessons over Zoom – and have been pleasantly surprised by the experience! 

Rather than be discouraged by what this format lacks in comparison to traditional lesson interaction, I am loving the idea that transportation, family sickness, and location no longer need be a deterrent to taking steps toward our kids’ brain health!


Whenever my kids learn a new piano skill or music concept, it’s hilarious how much they like to show it off or identify it all around them in daily life. 

We all know that the benefits of music education go far beyond what we can see and measure in real time.

I’ve worked with so many older people who are still benefiting from the musical foundation laid for them as a child.

What’s the plan?

Beginning in October, I would like to offer a six-week series of short music sessions for kids ages 4-7. This will be catered to beginners, no previous lessons necessary.  

Each week would focus on a specific music concept, an instrument of the week, a fun ‘found sound’ activity with items in your home, and simple singing skills with solfege hand signs to make it a full body experience.  Weeks 4-6 will contain piano-related skills, but having a keyboard on-site won’t be required.

Lessons will be 25 minutes, once per week.  Initial sessions are scheduled for Fridays at 2:05 CST, but if interest is high enough I will open additional times.  

{Update: adding Saturdays at 10am CST, beginning Oct 10!}

Included in the course package is one 15 minute 1:1 session for each student so I can give some individualized attention to your kiddo’s skills and interests. These will be schedule adjacent to the group sessions.

Dates: Fridays – October 9, (16*) , 23, 30, November 6, 13;  2:05 PM CST

AND: Saturdays – October 10, 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14; 10:05 AM, CST

*Friday, October 16 will be provided at 10AM CST Friday or 10AM CST Saturday the 17th because of a schedule conflict.

The whole course is $48 per student – with siblings at half-price.

Moving, dancing, singing, and listening are all so important in the musical education and neural development journey, so whether you hop into this experience or not, make sure you keep bringing opportunities in front of your kids for them to do all of those things on a regular basis!

To get in on this first go-round, get your registration in by October 5!

Number of Students

I hope this is really helpful for you and your kids.

 -Naomi Bird

Minneapolis-based Pianist, former music therapist, and out-of-the-box thinker about all things family/learning/productivity/sanity 😊