Returning to Hope, with Sherdonna Denholm

September is upon us.  As the crisp air ushers in a new season, we are taking this month to present SongNotes in a different way than we have ever done before. We’re handing over the pen and the microphone to some other talented folks.  With souls as dedicated to beautiful music and heartfelt truth as…

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Meet September’s Team

We are especially eager to see the hope and comfort provided by our guest artists this month. September’s theme is RETURNING,  and our four guests each will bring a unique song and writing to highlight how “returning” stirs in their souls.  Because we took Sept of 2019 off from SongNotes for doing house concerts, we had a…

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Bring Some Comfort and Peace to the Anxiousness

Nathan was away last weekend.  The kids and I bought two guinea pigs. I don’t think those statements are related…but they might be, a little.  This has been a week of fighting for joy and making the often difficult choice to pursue quiet and stillness when there are a bajillion things screaming for our attention.  It was good…

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