Getting Your Family Involved at the {Guthrie} Theater

This weekend was full of some really spectacular festivities at Minneapolis' Guthrie Theater. Nathan had the honor of being one of the performers for the 50th anniversary gala event on Saturday, and I had the honor of attending. It was truly an epic evening. As sort of a newcomer to the theater scene, it was [...]

April 20 – NorrSound to do their next show

What a week! Within the span of 7 days Nathan had two major performances that have been in the works since last fall.  And splashed around each of those were some smaller gigs that have altogether made for quite a production potpouri. Now let me tell you about your next opportunity to attend one of his [...]

10 Years of Choir

It was 2001 and I was a home schooled highschooler of sixteen at Normandale Community College, thanks to Minnesota's PSEO opportunities.   While I had been studying voice and piano for a little while, the choir at NCC was my first experience of choral singing.  The sheer mass of sound shattered my perceptions of what was [...]

Defining Success – The Entrepreneurial Musician

When informing people of my career path I am occasionally asked "Are you successful?" or, "Are you making a living?"  I appreciate the sentiment behind both of these questions.  People like to know what life is like for a professional musician and I am glad that a lot of folks care about how my family and I [...]