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From our Patreon Page:

SongNotes from the Birds partner gifting – for every 3 patrons at this level, the printed packet will be gifted to someone on the wish list.


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A person on the wish list might be described as follows…  

– likes the genres and styles of music we do
– doesn’t do email
– isn’t about to search and find us online
– has been watching the world for 7+ decades
– has access to a CD player and help with it if needed
– is able to read or be read to
– is unlikely to fund a subscription for him/herself

Submit names here for the
SongNotes Gift Recipient Wish List.


(currently sending to recipients in the United States.  See below for further policies.*)

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*Gift Subscription policies:

  • For every three patrons at the “Goldfinch”/$10-per-month level in any given month, Nathan Bird Music will send a SongNotes packet to one person from the Wish List in the next calendar month. 
  • Nathan Bird Music will not automatically add this recipient to any mailing list to receive advertisements. The only item to be mailed will be the SongNotes magazine and CD and the current newsletter.
  • Submissions will be considered and sent in the order in which they are received, with priority going to recipients submitted by current patrons (applicable when the wish list exceeds the number of  three-patron teams available.)
  • Recipient’s name will be moved to the end of the list after s/he is sent an issue.
  • Recipient’s name will remain on the list to receive future available gifted issues until one of the following: S/he requests to be removed, S/he becomes a monthly patron or subscriber on their own or through someone else, We are informed that s/he can no longer receive the issues.

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