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Right around the corner: Discounts, Deals, Dancing, and Dean Martin

It’s here. Almost!

The final of our three A Summer Night Romance jazz concerts is TOMORROW, Friday, August 16 at 8:00. Stillwater Public Library.  On the terrace. Outside. Live music. Candles. Dancing.

We’ve mentioned previously how this particular location is kind of sentimental for us because the first place we called “home” when we got married was the upstairs of a little house on Hickory Street, just 0.7 miles away from the library.  I used to walk to the terrace to write wedding thank you cards.  All this to say….we think it’s quite fitting to have a Romance-themed concert at this venue.

sale tag clip artIn honor of this thought, we’ve got a special deal going just for the next 24 hours (23 now – eek!).  Until 2:00 pm on Friday, you can get two Section A tickets for $40!  Or one for $20 if you don’t have a date – which is totally OK too.  Either use this link, or enter the promo code “HickoryStreet” at checkout to get the discount.

You still have the option of getting a Section B seat with no cost up-front (contributions will be accepted during and after the event), but the best seats in the house, or rather, on the library, will be reserved for Section A-ers.

Either way, please, please, please, check out the special discounts that are available around Stillwater tomorrow for our ticketholders. I’ll paste the list at the end of this post as well.  Thanks so much to the Stillwater shops who have offered the cool deals for you, and another special thanks to the shops who have helped sponsor this event.


Nathan Bird and Christy Jones – what’s not to love?

Keep in mind that we really would love to bring A Summer Night Romance back next year.  We have had so much fun with the shows in Chanhassen and Eden Prairie so far, and I’m pretty sure there are a few folks out there who would welcome our return.  Together we can make tomorrow’s show the best one yet and finish this run on a high note!  (Actually there will be lots of high notes in this concert, and some low ones, and quite a few in between.)

Four of our performers have CDs that will be available for purchase at the event. Be sure to stop by the table to say Hi, sign up for the newsletter mailing list, and get a piece of candy!  Remember that we have a Facebook page for updates too.

Can’t wait for the show! Hope to see you or your friends there tomorrow!

Naomi, for Nathan and the rest of the Summer Night Romance gang
see below for discount list

photo credit: Andrew Kurcan

SNR flyer for Stillwater

Discounts for Ticketholders of A Summer Night Romance in Stillwater

*You must present your paper or digital Eventbrite ticket to receive the discount.
*Unless otherwise noted, all discounts are only valid on 8/16/13.
*Hours listed are specific to 8/16/13.

Saint Croix Vineyards Winery – BOGO wine-tasting cards *Good through 12/31/13* (6428 Manning Avenue; open 10am-6pm)

Domacin Restaurant and Wine Bar – 10% off entire order (102 2nd Street, Stillwater; open 4pm-11pm)

Lake Elmo Inn – 25% off an entrée (3442 Lake Elmo Ave N, Lake Elmo; open 11am-2pm and 5pm-10pm)

Joseph’s Family Restaurant  – 10% off entrée, not including specials or features (14608 N. 60th St.; open 6:30-10pm)

Quickfire Pizza, Made-to-order individual woodfire pizza – 10% off orders of $20 or more (116 South Main St; 11:30am-2:30am)

Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop  – 10% off entire order (131 Main Street South; open 11am-9pm)

Cherry Berry, Self-serve frozen yogurt – 20% off  (125 South Main St; open until 11pm)

Candyland old tyme candy store 15% off in-store purchase (212 Main Street North; open 10am-10pm)

Stillwater Olive Oil Company  – $1 off of a bottle (208 Main Street South; open 11am-7pm)

Valley Bookseller – 20% off book purchase (217 Main Street North; open 9am-8pm)

Papa Wheelies Surrey – $5 off a surrey rental (204 North Main Street; open 11am-dusk)

The Summer Night Romances


-Notes from our 2013 Production-

What a weekend!
We launched A Summer Night Romance – a jazz concert full of classic crooner tunes and heart-warming melodies from the 20s-50s.

It took many hard working people to make it all happen. Thank you so much!  We’ve got a bit of work yet to do for our final performance, but after the overwhelmingly positive responses to the first two, we are encouraged and inspired to successfully complete this bold production.

Friday was in the Club Theatre of the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. Great crowd. Splendid treats. Fabulous instrumentalists. It was a really fun jazz club style performance. (Thanks to technical issues, those pictures are forthcoming.)

Sunday was magical. untitled-44-13

Who doesn’t dream of the perfect outdoor concert?


And who in the western Minneapolis suburbs doesn’t love the Eden Prairie Dunn Bros at the Smith Douglas More House?

Bet you’ve never seen the patio looking like this, though, have you?


Perfect weather + live music + homemade desserts + coffee + wine + candles =

photo credit: Andrew Kurcan

Did I mention live music…untitled-80-20

We were so happy to have some Eden Prairie city councilmembers present who were instrumental in saving the historic Smith Douglas More House.  They confirmed that this music would indeed have been celebrated by the home’s former owners. How special it is to perform such timeless and nostalgic music in an historically appropriate venue.



Each venue for these events is so beautifully unique. Each performer is so beautifully talented. But don’t just take our word for it…



Introducing the Cast of “A Summer Night Romance”

Clip art musiciansJust over two weeks to the first show! We’re pretty excited. Not only do we have a great lineup of music and gorgeous venues, but there are some downright grand people on the program.  This post introduces you to some of them.  Nathan will share how he got to know them and [some of] the reasons why he is happy to share the stage with them again. I haven’t even met some of them yet!  If Nathan’s intro here reaches you as it did me, then I look forward to seeing you when you come out to see these folks in concert.

It’s no secret that a huge part of what drives Nathan’s musical passions is the whole experience of collaborating – interacting, sharing, creating, and growing through developing a program and performing music with others. These Summer Night Romance concerts started with an idea of just me accompanying Nathan, but boy aren’t you glad that has changed! Believe you me, these people offer a much more entertaining package for this particular concept than I do. Their cumulative experience and energy belong only to seasoned performers who are bound to deliver a fabulous event. Three fabulous events, that is.

Allow us to introduce…

Andrew Cooke from chanhassentheatres cot comAndrew Cooke (8/2), keyboard

“I met Andrew during H.M.S. Pinafore at the Guthrie  and appreciated how he is such a nice guy – so humble, approachable, and very talented as a composer/arranger/music director.  I’m so grateful that he took time out from a night in his role as music director at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres to do this concert with me!”

daniel grecoDaniel Greco (8/2, 8/4, 8/16), voice

“I met Daniel when we were both singing in Hamlet with the Minnesota Opera chorus.  We hit it off pretty easily.  I love his infectious passion for performance and teaching. It’ll be exciting to watch his career, especially with his upcoming move to New York for grad school. Thanks for fitting these concerts in amidst the busyness of packing!  You will be missed!”

Christy Jones from cjosings dot comChristy (Anderson) Jones (8/2, 8/4, 8/16), voice

“I’ve known Christy longer than anyone else on the program. As undergrads we  performed a ton together in choir, musicals, and opera workshops; and have grown to be close friends over the years. I really value her flexibility and diversity of interests – lyricist, performer, administrator – she brings a lot to the table every time we collaborate.”

Eryn Tvete from reverbnation dot com slash eryntveteEryn Tvete (8/2, 8/4, 8/16), voice

“I met Eryn through the Minnesota Opera chorus also, and got to know her more through her work with Opera on Tap, for which I really appreciate her administrative organization. When I saw her as a performer and emcee I was floored by her stage presence and knew she would be a great part of these shows.”

Timotha-Lanae-from minneapolis dot media institute blog dot comTimotha Lanae  (8/2, 8/4, 8/16), voice

“I met Timotha during Pinafore as well. We had a blast playing Bananagrams together during almost every intermission, and then some. I really appreciate what she brings to the stage. Besides her amazing talent as an actress/singer/dancer, she also is an incredibly kind and authentic individual.”

Colyn Tvete (8/2, 8/4, 8/16), voice

“Colyn was one of my favorite people to talk to during rehearsals at Minnesota Opera chorus. When I was new at it, he helped show me the ropes and welcome me into the MNOp chorus family.  He’s a very jovial-spirited and talented tenor, as you will see.”

NatCrom-7-1024x682Natalie Cromwell (8/2, 8/16), voice

“I met Natalie when she was in the hospital after an operation. Her sister, who studied music with me during our undergrad,  invited my men’s vocal ensemble to sing for her. Yes, friendships start in interesting ways.  It’s exciting to watch her career take off as she has aggressively pursued her recording and occupational goals in Christian music.  She is honest and ambitious and generous – all of which make for a great collaborator.”

Stephanie Cousins from stephaniecousins dot comStephanie Cousins (8/4), voice

“I met Stephanie at an admissions dinner at our alma mater when she was still in high school. I was singing for the event, and we sat at the same table. Later we shared the stage in Fiddler on the Roof, my first theater gig after getting my degree.  I have a lot of respect for her. She is multitalented and dynamic on the stage.”

Shahzore Shah from cantussings dot orgShahzore Shah (8/2, 8/16), voice

“Shahzore is one of my favorite voices in Cantus. For the short time that I sang with them a couple years ago, I was intrigued by Shahzore’s balance of professionalism and personableness. And we share interests other than music, namely cooking and gardening. I’m pretty stoked about the specific songs he is singing for the events.”

There are a few others on the program (if you were doing the ‘math’ – no the show does not consist of only keyboard and voices), all of whom will be playing with Nathan for the first time and come highly recommended. There will be Andrew Foreman the bass player, Paul Hill the drummer, and Dan Musselman the pianist.

Like a said – a pretty nifty lineup, huh?

For more information about tickets to the events, you can click through on the dates above, or go here.

See you at the show!

Summer Night Romance Concerts: Where and Why

It’s been an exciting whirlwind around here lately, and we have succeeded in officially launching ticket sales for our upcoming concerts.

Even if you’ve already read the details on our Facebook announcement earlier this week, look over this post for a little extra info about why these events are special to us.

A Summer Night Romance Concert Production

Join us for an evening of nostalgic music featuring some great Twin Cities talent, including performers from Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, The Guthrie Theater, Cantus, Bloomington Civic Theatre, Chameleon Theatre, and the Minnesota Opera Chorus. You will hear a program that is all about LOVE – early musical theater, classic popular songs, and crooner tunes with a splash of operatic and folk music flavors performed with a jazz trio and some other various instrumentation that you are sure to enjoy.

For reasons that no one ever needs to justify, we just love this music.  Have for as long as we can remember. Nathan’s uncle sings lots of Sinatra and Martin at events, so maybe he has influenced Nathan’s affinity for it. Naomi has used these tunes with older adults casually for fun as well as professionally as a music therapist. Whether in concerts, at nursing homes, or in our own living room, we have had some great times with these tunes.  And who doesn’t like the idea of going out to a whole live concert of classic love songs? 

Musicians for this event will include: Nathan Bird, Andrew Cooke, Stephanie Cousins, Natalie Cromwell, Andrew Foreman, Daniel Greco, Paul HillChristy Jones, Timotha Lanae, Dan MusselmanEryn Tvete, Colyn Tvete, Shahzore Shah.

photo: blogs.citypages.com

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
The Club Theater

Friday, August 2, 2013 at 8:00pm

Enter Promo Code “CHAN50” for tickets half-off

~ Nathan was born in the town of Chanhassen and raised in nearby Excelsior, MN. While the Club is NOT used by the dinner theater for shows, it is a fun, unique space that deserves a little more attention.

For more information about this event, click here.

Smith Douglas More House

Smith Douglas More House
Sunday, August 4, 2013, at 7:00pm

~ We are super excited about this venue because 1) We love coffee shops, 2) We love historic old houses, and 3) We’ve been fans of this location since before we even dreamed of music careers ,and it’s always fun seeing different realms of our lives and interests combine. Speaking of which, this house sits pretty much exactly half way between the home where Nathan grew up and the home where Naomi grew up. Coincidental perhaps, but charming nonetheless.

When Ol’ Blue Eyes was born, this venue was 38 years old.

Enter “BabyBlueEyes” for a 38% discount.

For more information about this event, click here.

photo: splevents.com

Stillwater Public Library
Friday, August 16, at 8:00pm

~ We are thrilled to hold a concert in the beautiful town of Stillwater. Within a couple miles of this library is where the Ns lived for the first year of their marriage. Naomi would walk from their home on the north hill to this very terrace to write wedding thank you cards. From this library we gained resources for building our music careers and pursuing Nathan’s graduate studies. Once again, talk about combining different circles!

For more information about this event, click here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As you consider whether or not you want to attend one of these events, keep in mind that it’s really only well suited for those who:

  • like having fun
  • like old love songs
  • like nice people
  • like fantastic musicians
  • like dessert
  • like the Birds

Remember that even if you are unable to attend the concert for some unfortunate reason, we still really want your friends to be able to tell you about it, so please TELL THEM!

If it just kills you that you can’t make it, because you so want to be in this fantabulous event, consider making a financial contribution.  We are still working to cover some of the up-front costs and every dollar helps make it happen. To do so, click on this link, or contact us.  At this time your donation is not tax-deductible.  Nonetheless, it is going to a good cause and will be much appreciated!

Can’t wait to see you – and/or your friends!

Nathan and Naomi Bird