A Two-year-old’s Perspective of Ralph Rackstraw

Ok, so it’s not exactly about Ralph, but more about Aleks Knezevich, who performed the role of Ralph in the Guthrie’s production of H.M.S. Pinafore.

Scene 1:
One evening last week, Nathan and Aleks went out to Gasthofz’s for a couple hours and then came back to our house. Both girls were still up – surprise surprise – so we all sat around on the floor playing with Polly Pockets and chatting about our new neighborhood.  I was midsentence when Auba walked in front of me, planted her feet, and demanded, “Mommy, stop talking.  Go outa here.  I want to be with Aleks alone [emphasis not mine] [ well, partly mine].”

Before we knew it the two of them had escaped to the porch for a lovely session of counting her rocks and dumping her snacks all over our yoga mat. I’m pretty sure the latter act was more of a “her” thing than a “they” thing. If Nathan or I showed our face, she admonished us to “Go away!”

Thus began a lovely friendship, one that we referenced frequently as we prepared Auba for our special evening out at the Guthrie to watch the PBS broadcast of H.M.S. Pinafore last Friday night. 

Us: You’ve got to take your nap today so we can go to the Guthrie and watch Daddy and Aleks in a movie.”

Her, at 8 AM: “Let’s go to the GUTHRIE!”

She took a good nap.  We were hopeful of success for this late outing.

Scene 2:

There were about a couple dozen cast, staff, and friends gathered in the Dowling studio to watch the broadcast on a huge screen. Snuggled onto Daddy’s lap, Auba was thoroughly enjoying the show.  “They dancing!”

“Buttercup spin awound!”  “There’s Aleks”

But as we neared the end of the first half, she riggled. She squirmed.  She said she was ready to go. “Let’s get outa here.”  Mostly hushed tones only heard by those right around us.

Then it happened.  Ralph and Josephine. Expressing their affection for one another.  It was just too much. Auba declared, audibly for the entire room,something to the effect of, “Daddy, can we go out? I don’t wanna watch this!”

Illustration of the characters in Act II by D....
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We didn’t make it back in after intermission.

So, maybe she’s not ready to appreciate all of the drama and fun of the character of Ralph Rackstraw, but I’m pretty sure she is still open to some more Polly Pocket fun with Aleks.