I just spent an hour coloring with my husband!

It is our second Arts at the Aviary night. Having no visitors was no hinderance to our creative process.

Tonight we chose to color. We put on one of our favorite CDs, Thanksgiving, lit a candle, pulled out the colored pencils,

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opened a drawing pad.  And colored.

Both of us on the same sheet of paper. I did get a little more time at it than Nathan because he graciously cleaned up after Patience’s poop party.  She was very happy afterward.

We just colored, and colored, and colored.  Here is the finished product

Can you guess which one of us did which parts? What does it look like to you?  How about like this?:

If you look at it in vertical layout it’s really cool too.

This was a great experience.  It was a little slow for me to get started.  I was doing this rigid plaid pattern along the side, then stuff just started to grow out of it.

We are so doing this again some time, and it would be great to do one giant piece of paper with more people coloring.  Maybe next time. We’ll be here next Sunday night.  Let us know if you want to join us!

Happy arting!