The First of Many Singer-Songwriter Nights

Another fabulous evening of Arts at the Aviary last week.

Question of the week:
Which art field – other than your current area of expertise –
do you want to pursue?

Pottery, Poetry, Dance, Voice, Video,
Comment below to tell us your answer.

Our first experience was provided by the talented song-writer, and beautiful singer, Ami Andersen. Here’s Ami playing one of the variety of songs she played and sang for us.

Her style is similar to that of Sara Groves, Fernando Ortega, and Bebo Norman. Supple voice, stirring lyrics, and pianistic accompanimant combine to make some very lovely music. The video of these songs didn’t turn out very good, but to testify to the captivating nature of Ami’s music, just check out the audience:

See.  They’re enraptured. So were all of us girls; we were just listening from the adjacent room with the kiddos.

Ami and Nathan used to do music together when they were in college, so it was especially meaningful to revisit some pieces they had performed years ago. Amy has some beautiful arrangements of “The Lord’s Prayer” and the hymn “Come Ye Despairing.”

Ami even had a fun love song about her hubby Jason. Jazzy fun piano paired with sweet loving lyrics. The video for this is a little better…maybe you can kind of get the idea anyway…

Having multiple singer-songwriters together in one place makes for some great feedback and interraction…and well, fun music.  A few weeks ago we got to hear some recorded music of  Ry Edwards, but on Sunday at our place we got to see it live.  We also finally got to hear the beautiful voice of his wife Elisabeth.

Baby Vincent was not quite interested in chiming in.  Do you see what Elisabeth is holding?  A bottle.  Fitting, right? But there’s no milk in it.

Bottle + popcorn kernels + barley = Make-shift egg shaker! It worked fantabulously and was definitely an essential component for the fun sounds of their French Song.

Isn’t it a cool song?  What you can’t quite hear on the video is their harmonizing on the chorus.  Speaking of chorus, our 2 year old daughter was singing it at the table during lunch yesterday. Wait a minute…yup…at this minute she is singing it to her barbie.

Well, there we have it.  Proof that Sunday nights at the Aviary are pretty cool.

Refer here for updated schedule info regarding Arts at the Aviary events. Currently the plan is to meet again tomorrow (11/20/11) 7:00 – 10:00, as long as we are all healthy.  This first snowfall seems to be bringing some sniffles and aches.

Happy Arting Everyone, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!