Goodnight Music

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It is no secret that combining the worlds of a music career and family is a great challenge.  Time is limited, energy is limited, and it is just plain hard to feel all that inspired to practice a beautiful line of music when you have just rinsed poop off your hands.

Every once in a while though, there are beautiful moments when we think, “This is so special.  I wouldn’t trade this for anything.”  Last night was one of those times.  Eat supper – check. Jammies on Auba – check. Here goes bedtime…but what we really wanted to do was rehearse some of the Christmas music for an upcoming concert. I am queen of multitasking, so call this next move practical if you want. Honestly, my motivation was more about my desire to make bedtime be a really positive time for the girls.

We all piled into the studio, baby in the johnny-jump-up, Auba in Nathan’s arms, and Mommy at the piano. Sure it wasn’t hard core technical practice time; I think Nathan’s breathing was a bit hindered by the large almost 3-year-old human weight.  Not every practice session needs to be about technique though, does it? We need balance. While “The Christmas Waltz” and “White Christmas” are not residents of classical music repertoire, sessions like this sure do help us stay in touch with a special part of reality.

Let us never forget the reality that music is about life.

Let us never forget the reality that children need to see us loving music.

Let us never forget the reality that our daughters will love memories of relaxing family music times.

Let us never forget the reality that music is about touching souls.
Even very little ones.