Today I…

I am aware that my life is unconventional.  My career choice is uncommon and necessitates many plates to be spinning all at once.  I have understood this to be the case for quite some time.  I offer a narrative of my today in hopes that it can bring some lighthearted appreciation of your life, if it is any closer to what most consider normal, simple, peaceful lives.

I’m currently in the great state of Colorado for an audition and concert planning.  My sister-in-law (B) and brother-in-law (M) are hosting me for the time that I’m in Colorado Springs and I’ll be in Denver the later half of the week.  They are being quite gracious and even letting me borrow their vehicle for short trips.  If you have not ascertained this to be the case, I will state it plainly: they are awesome.

Today I woke early with plans to connect with a fellow artist for some concert and collaboration planning.  It turns out that there was a scheduling mishap due to a faulty text message and he was no longer available despite my early rise and heading out to a location on his way.  Despite this change, I was able to schedule a meeting with a different colleague to discuss a concert at her church.  Our meeting was scheduled for 1:00pm, but she was flexible.

I went “home” for a phone meeting to prepare for my 1:00.  Also B’s plans had changed for the late morning and she needed to run some errands.

After my phone meeting, I finalized my choice of monologues for the upcoming auditions.  I may or may not have scared the neighbors in this process.  In the past 24 hrs I’ve tasted the life of a deranged poet, a dead young coward, a civil war vet, and a millionaire with ADD.  After choosing a selection I began the memorizing process.  I received a text from B that she was having car troubles and that it would necessitate being picked up by her husband.  I called my 1:00 and informed her of the situation.  She graciously offered her sympathy and I made lunch.

Upon finishing lunch, the rest of the fam was home and M and I decided to go see if we could “fix” the car.  After 3 hrs of tinkering and waiting for help and tinkering some more, we had temporarily resolved the situation and developed an even more distasteful opinion of a particular 96 VW Jetta.  In the mean time I cancelled my other meeting and when I could, worked my memorization, there in the Walmart parking lot.

To add to the roles I’ve been experimenting with in my monologuing, I feel like today alone has given me a taste of the following characters: administrative assistant, first responder, car thief, locksmith, and auto mechanic.

At supper, we were graced by the presence of artist P from the top of the day meeting that was cancelled.  Had a fantastic meeting.

Since then I’ve finished memorizing my monologue, and babysat for B+M’s little anniversary getaway tonight and laid down the preliminary information for a possible concert tour next spring.

Oofta.  Slava Bohoo.