Music your way

“Have it your way” is a slogan that Burger King has been using for most of my life.   It is a fitting way to sell burgers in a country where individualism is championed, and people’s tastes are vastly different.  In many ways, people have begun listening to music in the same way.

My first CD, Massif Trio: Schumann, Schubert, and Strauss is currently on, the free music-streaming service.  Pandora allows you to create your own online radio stream based on whatever type of music you want.  I can completely customize my music listening experience. There are other services that use customization as selling points, such as Spotify, and 8tracks.

I was contracted for the Covenant Retirement Communities Annual Fundraising event on April 11th.  I have built a music program specifically around this event, including musical theater, hymns, and choral favorites.  I will be joined by the newly formed NorrSound Vocal Ensemble, and special guest, Ami Andersen.

While I enjoy customizing a program for a specific event, perhaps there’s even more room for giving audience participation a boost.  Most of us have heard of voting for your favorite singer on American Idol, and other shows.  However, how many of you have been able to be that involved in a live performance setting?

Imagine attending a concert that you and friends had programmed by popular vote.

Imagine getting to choose the end of your concert by voting on your smart phone.

Imagine singing in front of your peers karaoke style, with a living, breathing, band backing you up….oh yes, and in front of hundreds of people.

Do any of these ideas excite you?  Do you think that it would be a bad idea to utilize these customizable features into a concert series?

If a website contacted you and invited you to a concert that you’d probably enjoy based on reviewing your browsing data, would you attend?