Our Duet of an Andrews Sisters Classic (with ukelele!)

originally published via email on 5/18/19 

In this month of May we are featuring songs of flowers for our “SongNotes from the Birds” subscription series.

Today’s featured song is “In Apple Blossom Time,”  the sweet tune made famous by the Andrews Sisters.

Subscribers can read about how this pretty little waltz from between the World Wars was transformed to a fun dance number and ended up as an anthem of love and anticipation.

Find out what the circus, flapper girls, and the Andrews Sisters have to do with our beautiful song.  Also, this is our FIRST DUET recorded for SongNotes, with my good friend, Christy Jones.

Here we are on recording day this week.  Want to hear a rough cut of a rehearsal run through of this song?  Click here! (and, yes, I am using a sippy cup with rice in it as a shaker!)

“In Apple Blossom Time”
Words by Neville Fleeson
Music by Albert Von Tilser

I’ll be with you in apple blossom time
I’ll be with you to change your name to mine
One day in May, I’ll come and say
Happy the bride that the sun shines on today
What a wonderful wedding there will be
What a wonderful day for you and me
Church bells will chime
You will be mine
In apple blossom time

This is an excerpt from the 5/18/19 publication of SongNotes from the Birds.  May’s theme is all about flowers and nature. We will send out recordings of the songs to our subscribers at the end of the month.  Click here for more about SongNotes.

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Want to know what we sound like?   To listen to our previous recordings, click here.

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(How much do you love this song – and, honestly, anything Andrews Sisters??)