Don’t be Afraid, Even Though I’m NOT Your Fairy God-Mother

Note: As we were revising this writing – on the theme of being terrified – we found ourselves suddenly jumping and running around the main floor of our house addressing a situation we had only ever heard of but never yet experienced firsthand.  Now we have. We have officially joined the ranks of the brave souls who have had A BAT IN THEIR HOUSE!!!!  Phew. Now, we will continue in our writing about being scared…
By Nathan Bird
originally published to our email list, on Saturday, June 1, 2019
(Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash)
Our theme this month is water.
June is the month when the majority of us, Midwesterners anyway, head back to the lake and find relief from the heat.  We made our first trip to the lake today!  The water was cold and dark.  Watching my kids play, afraid of the chill, reminded me of some times when I was afraid in the water.  Even as an adult there have been times when I got out of the water because fear had taken over.
I can perform for people no problem without feeling scared, but performing my own music is pretty terrifying. I’ve written songs before and shared them with small groups of people; however, last week I shared one of my songs with my church.  While I was scared to do it, I don’t think that’s ever a good reason to not do something.  Also, it’s a song about doing what God’s leading us toward, even if we’re scared. So, I charged ahead.
A couple days later, a friend from church commented that my song from last Sunday had really moved him and suggested that I record it to share with more people.  Hence, fears aside, the song of the week is by Yours Truly and is called “I Want to Go.”

LYRICS for “I Want To Go”

I hear you saying something that terrifies me
I hear you saying something that terrifies me
I hear you saying something that terrifies me
But I want to go, I want to go
I want to go where you lead me
Want to go there, you’ll hold me
Want to go where I might be scared
I want to go there

You call and then prepare us; like Moses at the burning bush
You call and then prepare us; like David with Goliath
You call and then prepare us, it terrifies me
But I want to go, I want to go
I want to go where you’ll teach me
I want to go there. You say seek and we will find
I want to where you call
I want to go where
Go there

I know you are with me,
I know when a storm in me is raging
You say “peace be still”


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