Sometimes you just have to count through it | {song:”You Raise Me Up”}

And don’t you wish you knew how long to count sometimes?
Maybe it’s best that we don’t have the whole picture in our grasp.  


Amidst the fog, we find ourselves juggling unexpected responsibilities with kids around the house, new technological challenges with working from home, and unfamiliar habits involving wiping down the groceries.

When you consider the cancelled vacations, cancelled sporting events, and cancelled birthday parties,  our world is collectively in mourning for a confusing and ambiguously cancelled life.

Down and weary are words I’m hearing a lot.

As much as I wish to just curl up and read a book for hours on end, so far that hasn’t been my lot, thanks to the littles and their wake of what we refer to as Bird droppings.

My lifeline has been to survive in short measures: Ten minutes. Two minutes. Thirty minutes – maybe.

I hope your spirits are lifted in listening to the song below. Not only is it a popular favorite that vividly suits this particular season, but it even has the inclusion of some extra counting for good measure. (Pun very much intended.)  Having tech trouble of our own when we first attempted recording this last year, we ended up only having a practice run-through as a usable take.

So, on par with how tacky so much of life feels right now, in the middle of the track you’ll hear Nathan’s “one – two – three…”  🙂

Sometimes, all you can do is count through it.

Much love {{and a socially distant hug}},
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