On Being Afraid |Nathan shares an original song and talks about it

No matter which side of the current political conversation you find yourself, we can all agree that things can get scary.

There is always something to be afraid of.

Afraid of anarchy.
Afraid of police.
Afraid of losing your freedoms.
Afraid of losing your life.
Afraid of losing elections
Afraid of losing family members to wrong thinking.
Afraid of losing respect.
Afraid of buildings on fire.
Afraid of politicians on fire.
And so on.

There is no shortage of things to fear.

Here’s a song that Nathan wrote last year regarding the desire to do what’s right, even if it’s scary.   He is joined by our friend and former coworker Seth Lindberg accompanying on guitar.

Nathan Bird · I Want to Go

Want to hear Nathan tell more about what’s behind the song?  – Below is the audio of the article Nathan presented with it last year.  (Obviously, some details are no longer current, i.e. this month was our thirteenth wedding anniversary, and the story about the guy at church was from last year, but the main sentiment remains.)

In this moment, as much as ever, we all need a reminder that even when things are hard and scary, God is with us, and we need each other.

Thanks for joining us, and please continue to join us as we pursue ways to, with our lives and our music, be with people in their fears  (and work through our own 😊).

(Speaking of fears – we are aiming to do our first Facebook Live today at Nathan Bird Music.  We will play/sing through a some of the June music and hopefully not have a crazy embarrassing experience with our kids, our technology, or our somewhat rusty music chops.)

Other songs in the June Collection
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The complete June collection is now available for individual purchase.