Wine to pair with our songs?

We recently had Aleks Knezevich join us for a FB live! As a working actor, singer, and wine consultant, he brings a great perspective into our ongoing virtual musical dinner party.

This chat with Aleks will show you

+ What it’s like as a working theater actor right now amid Corona-ness

+ What you can do to support the arts in this crazy time

+ What kind of wine to pair with our three songs of the month (because we know you were wondering)

Let us know if you want to connect with Aleks further (or skip to 15:53 where he shares his email).

As you can tell, he’s one of the most delightful people to talk with.


To Do: purchase the wines,then purchase the printed SongNotes “Dinner Party” collection, then, when it arrives in the mail, package it all up with some cheese and fruit for a super special gift package!