What good is a universe with no one to give it to?

Family and friends gathered together for the purpose of sharing life’s stories and enjoying one another’s company: this is a good dinner party.

It takes no small amount of planning on the part of the host.

Done well, a gathering is not only welcoming and entertaining, but also invites one to a space of fellowship, talking about our days and what it means to be living in this place at this time.

July SongNotes Recap

By this point in our virtual month-long musical dinner party, we have shared a familiar appetizer “Some Enchanted Evening,” representing the excitement and potential of a fun gathering.   The main course featured the NorrSound Tenors’ “O Sole Mio!”, served up with an array of  beautiful side dishes (sun pictures!) from the proverbial guests.

Wine Pairings with Aleks!

We even had a special presentation from one of the original NorrSound Tenors, actor and wine consultant Aleks Knezevich.  He shared what the theater arts industry looks like now, and brought us some thoughtful suggestions of wine pairings to match the mood and intention of our three songs of the month.

Today’s Song

We can have all the music, all the books, all the talent, all the wine in the world…but none of it is for doing alone.  “What good is a universe with no one to give it to?

This is a line from today’s song. “Father’s Day” is a demonstration of the Master Party Host, sharing His own [imagined] thoughts behind the preparations for one very long dinner party going on since the beginning of creation.

Sung from the perspective of God the Father, it explores –  as the lyrics repeat –  “what it means to be a Father.”

Now let’s retire to the porch and share a sweet treat of the imaginative and heartfelt “Father’s Day.”

More about our experience with this song..

In 2010, fresh out of graduate school in Denver, Nathan was hired by Northwestern College (now the University of Northwestern – St. Paul) to play the role of Father in their fall musical, Children of Eden, by Stephen Schwartz.

Naomi was pregnant with daughter number 2, and we had no permanent housing arrangements. We had sold or given away everything we owned other than what fit in our Honda Accord and a 5×5 storage unit.

Our little family was in for a giant question-mark-shaped future, with approximately zero in the form of economic security or the stability of a known long-term home base.

As it turns out, we had found our home base, here in the Twin Cities, but we didn’t know it yet.

We didn’t know that a show at the Guthrie was around the corner, and a temporary stint with the esteemed ensemble Cantus.

We didn’t know that a long dry spell would follow that, with each of us scrambling to teach, gig, and pick up various part time work along the way.

What we did know, and what we continue to see, is that all the bumps and turns and dips in the road did in fact have one constant.  God was with us.

We are part of this creative experiment of His, and as crazy as it feels sometimes, we do know that he sees it all.  He sees our fits.  He sees our fun.  He sees our creativity. And He loves our quirkiness.

Nathan, in the role of Father in Children of Eden. Northwestern College, 2010

As we plug away at this parenting journey ourselves, we know that we mess up a lot.

When our kids are crazy, we wonder what God thinks of us when we are crazy. When we get to spend leisurely time as a family, we appreciate something of the presence of God.  When we are alone in nature, we aren’t really alone at all.

In community, in family, in dinner party – even in blogging – we can take the opportunity to see, to listen, and to wonder what in the world God was thinking when he made all of this.  And we can smile and rest, knowing that the path before us is one shared with a great Host.

We hope you enjoy this creative and  witty approach to art, theater, and worship.

Thanks for visiting.

Let’s do this again soon.

~ Nathan and Naomi
In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s Nathan’s mad whistling skills in the recording. 😉
(click here to listen again)

We updated last week’s “O Sole Mio” video to include the English lyrics along the way. It’s pretty special to see how the pictures and words fit so well together – click here for that!

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