We wanna pay you, singer.

Seeking Musicians Who Write

‘SongNotes from the Birds’ is a monthly music and writing collection for old souls. Curated by voice and piano duo Nathan and Naomi Bird, SongNotes offers recipients a tangible and genuine reminder that their favorite old songs and the significance behind them are as relevant as ever.

Each collection include four songs, each with an article to go with it, built around a theme that is seasonally relevant and appeals to old souls. The writings share historical, theological, and personal perspectives that enhance and deepen the musical experience.

What We Are Looking For

For the month of September, we would like to bring in the voices and artistry of others.
We have four spots available. We would like to fill these with four different artists (and their collaborators, if applicable).

The Selected Contributors Would Provide:

An MP3 of themselves performing a song that would appeal to the target audience (see below).
An article of 300-600 words.
A bio for use in our online and print media.
[Note that Nathan Bird Music will handle the licensing for any recordings of music still protected by copyright.]

Our Target Audience

Older adults (DOB 1940 and earlier) who prefer to enjoy life without the help of the internet. As such, they are less connected to family and community than they would like, and sometimes feel as if the world has forgotten them. They love God, love nature, love their families, and love to know that the younger generations value these things as well.

Fun memories of experiencing and creating music play a key role in our reader’s life. They particularly enjoy hymn arrangements, classical selections, opera, musical theater, and mid-20th century popular tunes.

Note: our online audience represents a variety of contacts closely connected with our target audience. Some edits to content are made accordingly as excerpts are shared on different platforms.

How it Works

The music and writings will be published on the Nathan Bird blog on Saturdays throughout the month of September, and the digital and print collections of the month will be distributed toward the end of the month.
The giver can purchase the print or digital monthly collections as individual issues or subscriptions via the Nathan Bird store. (https://nathanbird.com/shop/)
Supporters of this venture can become patrons via Patreon.com, receiving various incentives. One such benefit includes the role of Partner Gifting, in which three supporters contribute toward the gifting of a surprise SongNotes issue being sent to a recipient on the Wish List queue. (https://nathanbird.com/wishlist)

The Theme for September: RETURNING

Usually September signals the resuming of familiar routines in school, church, or other activities; but this year we aren’t sure what to expect, or whether much of anything familiar will return. Built around this word, and the nuances that could be involved, the September SongNotes from the Birds will aim to take the recipient on a journey of reminiscence and worship, being blessed through the process of hearing the songs and reading the words.


By Wednesday, August 19th, midnight CST – Complete this interest form.

By Tuesday August 25 – We will conduct follow-up conversations.

By Thursday, August 27 – All four artists will be chosen and compensation agreements made.

Recording and writing submission deadline for our featured artists will be within one week of selection.


We love creating ways to support artists! Whenever we can, we provide competitive pay.
Compensation for this project will begin at $100 per song/writing, with opportunity for increase and commission from sales based on experience.

Who Are the Birds?

NandN for web log

Nathan and Naomi Bird are in their mid-thirties, but their music and entertainment preferences put them at home with folks who have been around the sun about 50 more times than they have. The Minnesota natives transplanted to Colorado for a few years for graduate school, and have called Minneapolis home since 2011. Nathan has taught private voice lessons at area high schools, performed locally, directed a church choir, and produces the annual “Three Tenors Christmas” concert at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. In addition to accompanying for Nathan and producing the writings for SongNotes, Naomi has been an organist, ballet accompanist, music therapist, and piano teacher. The Birds’ nest currently has a flock of four hatchlings ages eleven, nine, six, and three years old.