Bring Some Comfort and Peace to the Anxiousness

Nathan was away last weekend.  The kids and I bought two guinea pigs. 
I don’t think those statements are related…but they might be, a little. 

This has been a week of fighting for joy and making the often difficult choice to pursue quiet and stillness when there are a bajillion things screaming for our attention. 

It was good timing that Nathan had scheduled this prayer retreat for himself.   And it was good timing that we recently got to guinea-pig-sit for a family that wanted to rehome the little guys.  There is something oddly comforting about snuggling up with a little creature that is completely clueless about the troubles that stress the rest of us out.  

That’s part of why we do music – to create moments of thoughtfulness, escape, joy, and wonderment that pull us out of our present frame of mind so we can recharge and bring a fresh spark or calm peace back to normal life.

Thanks for joining us throughout last month for the “State Fair” Series of SongNotes.  It’s been an honor to know that you lend us your ear and your heart on occasion. 

Below are all the links to the weekly features. 

If you would rather peruse the writings all in one place, you can get the PDF of the August collection here.  Included with it are the MP3 recordings of each of the songs, so no need for internet once you download them.  You could even print it all out and burn a CD to send to a relative. Or we could do that for you.

It’s not furry or snuggly, but it is a special way to bring one of those moments of comfort and peace to someone feeling anxious this week.

Blessings on your lovely weekend,
~Nathan and Naomi

(and Patience and Kona, pictured above 😉