Listen. Create. Share.

Last night's creation

Perspective.  We all have it. Everyone’s is a little different. Sharing it requires a safe place.  That’s what we are setting out to foster – a safe, supportive environment for the sharing of our arts.

No judgment.  Just share. And be.

There were six of us last night. After some introductions and discussion of “what inspires us” as artists, we got to experience some art.

Deep in thought, enjoying newly recorded music by Ry Edwards

from left: Nathan (with Patience), voice major and photographer Bethany Jackson, theater major and dancer Elizabeth Yoder, singer-songwriter Ry Edwards, actress and singer Elisabeth Smith (and baby Vincent)

Technology.  Oh how you have influenced the performing arts.

Ry Edwards, photo: Jeremy Bomberry

Thank you so much to Ry Edwards for sharing his music with us. Philosophizing about the arts is fabulous, but actually experiencing them together is what we are also aiming for. Your music is touching, Ry – fresh, thoughtful, and unique. We wish you great success with your recording ventures!

Our "guest book"

Thank you for this week’s installment on our pictoral guest book. Be sure to leave your mark when you visit.

Liz Yoder

“Hmmm…what shall we do with this Play Doh??”

Nathan being playfully creative

Play Doh community.  I think it looks like something from Dr. Seuss!  Ha, I just noticed the little bird on the yello bridge – nice touch.  Oh excuse me, Nathan just informed me that at is called a “budgely”…according to Play Doh bird artist Bethany Jackson.

Liz, Nathan, and Bethany - our Play Doh artists

When was the last time you played with Play Doh?  Go listen to some new music. If you don’t know where to start, check out Ry’s site.

Whatever you do, make sure you create something beautiful this week.  We did.


Next week we will be celebrating art at a special arts program at Redeemer Covenant Church. 6:30 – 8:00. Join us.