We did a thing! | Patreon Launch Concerts in the Twin Cities

We did a thing!

After dropping hints about it for a while, we’ve launched our Patreon page!

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The timing of it works well to have our upcoming concerts be like a launch celebration! Read through the giving tiers to see rewards including tickets, downloads, and – most special – the power of gifting to others.

Along with this change we have decided to open up our digital SongNotes from the Birds for the public. When we resume after our September break we will be sharing more of our recordings on here like we were doing at this time last year.

The print version of SongNotes (pictured below) is going to be available for subscription (or gifting!). Be on the lookout for a Wish List soon where you can submit the name of a low-tech loved one who would like to receive us in the mail.


We look forward to seeing how all of the swirling parts of our music ventures will continue to overlap and pull people in in unique ways. Hymn sings, concerts, recording, and writing will continue to be coming from us.

On a regular basis people are moved to tears by our music and our heart for loving on some often under-served people. We are hoping that implementing Patreon will be one piece in the puzzle. Check it out and consider being one of our inaugural patrons!


Become a Patron!

Even if you can’t give right now, we kinda think you should check out the page anyway because we played with the bird theme – and that’s fun 🙂

Are you interested in our September concerts? – Blaine this Saturday, Saint Paul next Saturday. 

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We have some tickets available that our current patrons are unable to use – let me know if you want them by contacting us here!