Wish List |Send a Special Music Gift to a Senior You Love

Four! We’ve reached 4 new patrons at the “Goldfinch” giving level!

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Do you know what that means? One person will get a special gift in the mail in October when we send out the new autumn-themed ‘SongNotes from the Birds’ issue.  Enclosed will be a CD of the songs of the month, recorded by us, and a printed magazine of our writings based on each song.  It looks like this one, from our April collection “Postcards from France.”


For every three patrons at this level, we pick another name from the Wish List.

A person on the wish list might be described as follows…  

– likes the genres and styles of music we do
– doesn’t do email
– isn’t about to search and find us online
– has been watching the world for 7+ decades
– has access to a CD player and help with it if needed
– is able to read or be read to
– is unlikely to fund a subscription for him/herself

Does anyone come to mind? You are invited to help us build this special way to bless and connect with someone through music.

Go to this link (http://nathanbird.com/wishlist) to submit the name and address of the person who came to your mind.

If loving people is something you value, join us.

Let’s get those names in the queue and send some love!

More info about completing the next triplet of partner gifters at http://patreon.com/nathanbirdmusic  *Sign up by Monday (9/30/19) night to send an October issue of SongNotes from the Birds*


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