Gathering Yourself Up as the Loose Leaves Fall

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Fall is upon us.  For us here in the Bird home (Minnesota, USA) this means three things:

Long drives to look at leaves (heading out on one with the family today!), Lots of cups of tea to warm up (heading for number three now!), and so many pieces of paper capturing our thoughts and artwork and homework (don’t look at my desk!).

With affection for these things, October has followed the theme: Loose Leaves.

(Get it?…loose leaves falling….loose leaf paper….loose leaf tea? ? We love corny 🙂

Honestly, though, there is something about this season, with all it’s changes and busyness, that calls one to figure out how to settle down.

Slow down. Calm down. Write down. While the winds are whirling about, find what anchors you. While the cold of winter is looming, cozy up with the people who are precious to you. While you may have a million things flying past on your digital calendars and apps, take a minute to write a real note on real paper to a real live soul who has touched you.

Brew some tea, grab a pad of paper, and mull over the meaning of life as you sit by a window watching the last of the leaves tripping along the ground.

In a trifecta of classic jazz ballads and accompanying writings, Nathan and I present homages to these three favorite features of the fall with the three songs “Autumn Leaves,” “I Could Write a Book,” and “Tea for Two.”

Read. Listen. Sip. Write. Dream. Birds web res (6 of 6)

Happy Fall from the Birds

Below are links to the articles (click the titles to read about each song as well as the recordings to stream.  Instant access to downloadable files of the songs is available to our patrons over at Patreon.

Learning to see the beautiful changes that come from the pain of lost love | Lessons from Autumn Leaves

On Caring to Write Real Paper Notes | “I Could Write a Book”

Three Lessons from hot tea and a WWI song |”Tea for Two”

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