Through the pain to harvest

November 2019 SongNotes from the Birds Theme

Harvest – a word with a simple basic meaning but loaded with nuances and perspectives to enhance your thinking right now today, even if you’ve never touched a combine or reaper in your life.

In Minnesota, November is a time when fields are cleared, cellars are full, freezers are packed, and we look forward to Thanksgiving celebrations as a time to remember the provisions throughout our history.

Cornucopias and a sense of abundance mark this season.

It’s not all fruitfulness and thriving though.

Throughout SongNotes this month, we are going to guide you in holding out your hands to receive an abundance of empathy and gratitude as we look at three distinct perspectives on what “harvest” can mean, especially the difficulties along the way.

Rich with spiritual and emotional concepts, the three sacred songs we have selected will offer insights into the effort, fear, and daily sacrifices on the path toward harvesting the most we can out of life.

  • A Mark Hayes original, “A Time for Everything” is based on the famous text in Ecclesiastes. (Nov 2 – listen now!)
  • “Sinner, Please Don’t Let This Harvest Pass” is an African-American spiritual. (Nov 9)
  • Ultimately, so much about what we harvest in life is out of our control, as we will consider with “Take My Life and Let it Be” (which includes Naomi on flute!) (Nov 16)

Nathan sings.  Naomi accompanies on piano and a little bit of flute.  We work together to write about the songs.

Please consider following along this month at this blog, or via email.

And please, don’t go to sleep tonight without taking note of what you have harvested – and what others have harvested for you –  throughout this day.

Photo by Crina Parasca on Unsplash

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