Friends First

It’s Catch-up Day!
The day that Nathan becomes the same age as me.
Now our combined age is 72.
Because I refused to consider a younger guy as a romantic interest for the first 3.5 years of our relationship, we have all sorts of great memories from when we were “just friends”…
All the performing together.
All the goofing off with our siblings.
All the camping with friends.
All the convenient car rides between our respective homes and colleges as commuters.
All the concerts and recitals that were mandatory to attend but so much more fun together.
All the meandering drives through downtown Minneapolis to make the trips longer…
Those 4.5 months of age difference between us were important and kind of ridiculously non-negotiable for me back then.  And they helped us to just be friends.
But I’m glad I finally came to my senses.
Happy Birthday, Nathan. ❤️
Welcome to 36.

photo credit: Marilyn Getsch