A Prayer for Rest for the Weary

This morning I’ve been blessed by listening through a sung responsive reading shared with me by Katie and Jacob Eckeberger of the music duo My Anchor Holds. 

This phrase is the recurring response:


The lilting arrhythmic melody has a hauntingness that fortunately lends itself well to getting stuck in my head.  I need to lean on this more often.

Even though Katie wrote this back in April, inspired by the bizarre weight of the Coronavirus pandemic and the shelter-in-place order here in Minnesota, the sentiments are timely as ever because of subsequent and evolving circumstances.

As fellow north Minneapolis residents (we met at the local library a couple years ago while there with our kiddos!), the Eckebergers have been wrestling with a lot of heavy burdens over the past month in particular, navigating the heightened tensions around our community’s reactions to the killing of George Floyd.

Below is my summary of her beautifully spoken words as she acknowledged the kinds of weariness surrounding so many.  I encourage you to make up your own tune to the quote of Jesus, and utter it to yourself between each prayer and reminder for all those who are…

  • overwhelmed, educators, health care workers
  • in isolation, alone, ill
  • out of work, worried
  • missing the touch and presence of loved ones
  • coping in unhealthy ways, having difficulty finding comfort
  • not safe at home, lacking food security
  • are afraid of the future
  • confused and desperate for answers

Jesus says, “Come to Me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest.”

May you find moments of breath, retreat, and comfort, that will give you rest and renew your life as you go throughout this day.

~ Naomi